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Our goals

collageWe work with some of the Hill Tribes that populate Northern Thailand (Lampang – Chae Hom District). Over more than 20 years, we have been helping these people and have been promoting their human development, health and education. For instance, among other activities, we are taking care of more than 800 students and hosting 200 of them in our 5 boarding schools.
With the project “Caffè Bruno” we want to help provide sustainable job for the hill tribe as well as providing opportunity for education, through fair trade purchase of coffee beans from the hill tribe farmers which is used in our coffee production. The entire proceeds from benefit goes to the hill tribe student scholarships, under the care of “Mary Queen of Peace” Center.

Our goals are:
• to use the profits from coffee-beans sales to set up scholarships for the children of these villages.
• to raise awareness, among the local villagers, about organic, sustainable and pesticide-free cultivations.
• to improve the living and working condition of local tribes, so they can stay rooted to their territory and not migrate.
• to promote the development and the quality of the beans produced, improving each step of the process and adopting italian machinery and techniques to obtain a superior coffee.